Your Own Domain Name


Choosing your domain name can be a very challenging task in itself. With so many websites present on the internet, the amount of domain name choices become fewer as each moment passes by.

A domain name represents your business or personal brand on the web, which means choosing the right one is important. Here at Softdime, we'll help you find the right domain name for your business.

Responsive Website Design


Incredibly user-friendly, WordPress web designs are easy to navigate and intuitive for your viewers to use. Custom designed using pre-established templates, WordPress web designs are perfect for small to medium Philippines business who want to make the most of their online presence at a highly economical value. Each WordPress website design template provides a base that can be fully customized to reflect every aspect of your growing business. Whether you’re looking to expand your blog site or drive traffic with high converting landing pages, we can create a unique WordPress website that achieves your goals while looking stylishly innovative.

Fast & Secure Web Hosting

WebHosting Server

Not all Web hosts are created equally. While many will get your website online, there are vast differences in the technology used to do so. Equipment reliability (failures make your website inaccessible to customers) and security are real considerations, and bargain basement hosts often lack the stability to serve businesses effectively.

Softdime offers a simple, affordable, feature-packed hosting plan with security and reliability built-in. It’s the advantage of Business-Grade Web hosting.

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WordPress means


Incredibly User-Friendly

WordPress web designs are easy to navigate and intuitive for your viewers to use.

Manage Your Website

Update content and have full control over your website with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Search-Engine Friendly

Our websites are designed with Search Engines in mind.


Responsive website designs that are compatible with various devices.

Fast Loading

We speed test and optimize our website designs to load quickly across all platforms and devices.

Scale Up Anytime

Easily upgrade your site's look and features by changing themes and adding plugins.

Connect To Services

We can connect your new business website to almost all third party services such as newsletter providers, CRM software, and much more!

Social Media Integration

Link to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to your website.

WordPress’ market share is 35% of ALL websites

including those without a content management system (CMS) or with a custom-coded CMS. Or to put it another way, WordPress powers over one-third of the web! And if you limit the data set to only websites with a known CMS, WordPress’ market share gets even more dominant.



Call or message us at (0947) 531-5322.

We'd love to talk to you about your website needs.

We Also Develop Customized Systems

HERMESHERMES Hospital EnteRprise Management and Execution System

HERMES is an integrated software that handles different directions of managing and operating a healthcare facility.


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